Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moonscape 4

9" x 9"
Mixed media: Cardboard box, glass tube, wooden blocks, buttons, raw emeralds, found objects, digital print
Artist: Jeff Roberts
4th in the Moonscape series. Simple, elegant interplay among the blacks, oranges, browns, circles, cylinders, cubes. A keeper ... if I kept any of these. Sort of not the point, eh?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Moonscape 3

Mixed Media: Found objects, digital print, cardboard box.
9" x9"
Artist: Jeff Roberts

Photo by Jeff with a Canon Powershot 1300is

3rd in the Moonscape series. With organic objects joining man-made ones.
I'm discovering that the slightest off-center angle of the camera produces significant distortion of the angles of the box/frame. So far the shots have been hand-held. Next step, I guess, is to acquire a small, reliable tripod, and see if I can "square" up the images.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pandora's Boxes 1

Medium: Mixed. Wooden blocks, plastic jars, vitamin dessicant, chains, washer, slug, raw emeralds, perpetually happy toy fish.

Artist: Jeff Roberts

Why not? These little Pandora charm boxes were made to become mini-museums of poetry. The fish is as much at home as the emeralds. You can quote me.

Moonscape 2

Medium: Mixed Media, cardboard boxes, glass tubes, abandoned furniture parts, plastic jars, wooden blocks, digital print.

Artist: Jeff Roberts
The second in the Moonscape series. A digital print of a reddish planet or sun plays the recurring role in the Moonscape series of "monoprints". This arrangement of various wooden geometric shapes and plastic and glass objects was perfect for me for a moment. Now it's gone. Flit!

Moonscape 1

Medium: Mixed media: cardboard, found objects, plastic jars, wooden blocks, glass tubes, abandoned furniture parts, digital print.

Artist: Jeff Robert

The first experiment in transient assemblage. Bits of collected bric-a-brac assembled in a 9" x 9" x 5" cardboard box standing on its side.

Photo: Jeff Roberts with a Canon Powershot SD1300.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Self-Made Man

Self-Made Man

Medium: Oragami
Artist: Eric Joisel

Comment: A man is "folding" himself into existence. How did he get started? Did the fingers come first? How did they know what to do?

Religion was invented, by ignorent men, to answer questions that have no answers. We should have learned by now to ask different questions.

We haven't.

What if art is a question?