Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Assemblage Art, Collage, Box Construction, 3D, Mixed Media, Found Objects, Eva Hesse

Original assemblage "poem object." Homage to Eva Hesse.

Eva, 2014

Tin box with window, 6 glass-topped tin jars, painted felt pads, wooden disks, painted paper, cut 35mm slide film of Eva Hesse works, rhinestones, painted costume pearls. Pearls are loose and rotate around the cut film inside each glass-topped tin. They make a lovely whirring sound as they spin around. Transparent image of Eva with Repetition Nineteen affixed to the bottom of the can

5 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 1"
Edition of 1. Signed on a paper tag on the back of the tin case.


Created live during an episode of Write Now with Gayle C. Heney at Haverhill Community Television on Saturday, Oct. 25th, 204. I'm a little jazzed to have met the challenge she set for me for this show. We discussed a 2015 calendar I published as a promotional give-away featuring 12 of my artworks. As part of the show, Gayle asked me to create a new "poem object" (3D assemblage piece) in real time. Over the previous few weeks I had to solve the problem of first birthing an idea for a new piece and then prepping the object elements so that I could complete it, in studio, in the 4-5 minutes allotted for this segment. I decided to do a small homage to Eva Hesse using a metal can with a plastic window used to hold 6 small tins of gourmet salt.

Thanks Gayle!

Pics above show the finished work and a few in the earlier stages of development.

Cheers! -Jeff